BIOCURCUMAX is an All in One Formulation of natural Curcumin & Aromatic-turmerone (Natural Oils of Turmeric), the most potent component of TURMERIC  which has powerful natural properties and as a of FOOD SUPPLEMENT  has the ability to enhance your diet and maintain a healthy balance in life offering you Peace Of Mind.

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peace of mind

Curcumin has powerful natural properties and as a food supplement has the ability to enhance your diet and maintain a healthy balance in life offering you Peace Of Mind.

100% natural

Free from harmful chemicals to enhance the extract, BIOTURM Aromatic Essential Oils of Turmeric making it an attribute to enhance a healthy contains Natural lifestyle.

contains essential oils

BIOTURM is the unique blend of the most active and potent components of Turmeric, Curcuminoids & Aromatic-turmerone, the most potent ingredients of Turmeric.

BIOTURM  proudly brings-forth valuable solutions from the rich legacy of Ayurveda that has benefitted humanity for thousands of years. The great thing about Ayurveda is that its treatments always yield side benefits. It’s a pure and powerful natural way to protect your health. As a company we firmly believe in the power of nature and recognise the role of herbs in providing a healthy life. We continue to grow by investing in Global Markets that realise the synergy between NATURAL treatments and maintaining a well supplemented lifestyle. Our Vision is to be a provider of EVIDENCE BASED SOLUTIONS that offer effective benefits.

BIOTURM  believes that quality Botanicals, when extracted for their most Bio-active molecules offer an effective approach to active and healthy living.

Customers reviews

"I have been using BIOCURCUMAX for at least a month now and feels like its having a positive effect. If I miss a tablet I can notice a difference and it doesn't feel good"
Christopher Roberts
Northampton, UK
"I have to let you know that for me its been a pleasure to do business with is very rare to receive a sincere polite service these days... thank you..."
Adam Windle
London, UK
"I have been looking for supplements to help me with my condition, I have problems with my bones and joints and someone suggested I try turmeric and this came up and now I use it regularly 24/7, thank you"
Paul Wellern


Why is BCM 95 priced higher than some other Curcumin products in the market?

Many products available in the market are comprised of whole herbs. Bioturm is produced using 95% Curcuminoid complex extracts of the active compounds of Turmeric, combined with the essential oils of turmeric, so there is a qualitative difference in the products. For example, you would have to take up to 500 capsules of plain turmeric to equal just one BioTurm capsule.

Are there any bulking agents or additives in BIOTURM?

No. BioTurm 95 capsules are 100% Turmeric extract. This innovative product does not contain any non-turmeric components to render curcumin more bio-active. Everything you find inside a Bioturm capsule comes within the dried turmeric root.

Is Bioturm vegetarian or vegan friendly?

Not only vegetarian, but also vegan friendly.

What is the recommended daily intake?

The recommendation is to consume 2 Tablets per day, One capsule in the morning and one at night, after food.